I Am Beautiful:The Evolution Of Beauty

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The beauty of a woman can hardly be defined by one standard. We are the sum total of our wit, physical beauty and unique experiences that not only set us apart, but bring us together.  – Deborah King

“I Am Beautiful: The Evolution of Beauty” is a collection of stories written by courageous women that did not succumb to the devastating, horrific, morally degrading situations that life threw at them; but in turn became the mighty women they are today by recognizing their power, their strength, their courage, and finally their BEAUTY which comes from within.

The power to heal from one’s core is both amazing and magnificent.  Our lives are like the petals of a flower; we must peel back the petals to reach the nectar. Theses stories exemplify self-love and awareness to depict the importance of forgiveness.

At the core of this book, is the unifying theme that no matter where you started or where you are, YOU can positively change your life…..and help others do the same.

You ARE  beautiful. It’s time to highlight your BEAUTY.

My personal Evolution is featured in chapter 11 – enjoy!

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