Joy Blakeney, CLC, CPC, is a certified life and professional coach, as well as a best-selling author, whose innovative and original approach to coaching has gained her a favorable reputation for being able to connect at the deepest level with her clients. Joy specializes in coaching programs for women who desire transformation in their personal lives and works intimately with those who are holding on the emotional stress that is stemming from personal tragedies from the past, which is keeping them from moving forward.

Joy’s works have been known to revive confidence, reestablish self-esteem, energize and ignite a renewed passion for life. Though undeniably caring and compassionate, Joy is methodical and strategic in adhering to technique and methods in coaching that are proven to achieve drastic results.

For any woman seeking to move forward in life, Joy stretches out a hand to guide you along a path of self-realization and ultimately the life you truly deserve.

Joy’s own story did not begin like fairy tales, sexually molested as a child she learned to put on a façade that led to a life of neglected emotions, buried pains and a lack of self-worth. This traumatic experience set an unbalanced pace for Joy’s life. She repeatedly found herself making bad decisions based on poor judgement and settling for a lot less than her worth. The complete depletion of her esteem led to promiscuity and heavy drinking.

One day, Joy took a good look at her life and decided that she needed to change. She prayed to God to give her strength to move forward, so she started taking action to improve her life. Joy was able to move forward from lack of self-worth, to feeling good about herself and started bringing out the positive energy from within – thanks to learning more about self-development.

In 2002, Joy met the love of her life, her best friend, her soulmate (now her wife) and have never felt happier and blessed to have someone who totally “gets her” and did not judge her past.  Even though life was good, Joy still felt she wasn’t fulfilling her life’s purpose.

It took literally being hit by a big pick-up truck in 2011(while walking across the street) and basically “walked away” with a few contusions and bruises – mind you, she is a petite, 110 lb. woman, and the truck had damage!  During the recovering period, Joy sat still long enough to reflect on her life and purpose. It was at this point that Joy reached out to God for answers and guidance, which began her journey to self-forgiveness, learning to love herself and permitting her light to shine bright and in exhaustively. In finding that happiness can be accomplished, Joy set about educating herself to be equipped to help others.

Now Joy enjoys a truly fulfilling life. She continues to improve her lifestyle by not only reciting, but listening to positive and inspirational affirmations daily, meditating/prayer, eating healthier, exercising and continuing with her self-development.  Joy leads a life she never realized was possible for her, but now know is possible for you too. She has made it her life’s passion to help others realize that they can live a joyful and fulfilled life that they deserve!

Joy offers carefully designed programs, that includes topics such as learning to love oneself, moving past pain, how to be open and honest with your feelings, personal and spiritual growth, gratitude and much more. She offers one-on-one sessions geared towards seeing women say goodbye to suffering and welcome in the life they truly deserve.

On a personal note, Joy lends her support to her community by volunteering and loves to spend time with her wife, their families and friends and as a professionally trained chef, she enjoys preparing rich and delicious dishes inspired by the diversity and blends of the international cuisines she has discovered while travelling.